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Over nearly a decade of short- and long-term visits to the island of Cuba, Danielle Linares (Founder & CEO OF Absolutely Cuba) has immerseD herself in all aspects of Cuban culture.

Her unique perspective has been cultivated by a life lived through global experiences and more than 15 years of global travel planning. 

As a three-time New York Times Travel Show presenter, Cuban community moderator and part-time resident of Havana, Danielle is a highly regarded and sought-after keynote speaker, travel consultant and podcast guest.

Danielle’s style is suitable for mid-sized and larger conferences and events, as well as intimate corporate sessions and workshops. Creative, inspirational and expressive, Danielle’s talks are based upon her passionate commitment to the Cuban people living on the island and their rich cultural history. 

She uses openness, transparency and authenticity as tools to engage her audience and to cultivate perspective shifts about travel to the island.

She presents on topics related to LEGAL, meaningful travel to Cuba, how to support the Cuban people, real life on the island, women in Cuba, entrepreneurship in Havana and beyond, Afro-Cuban culture, race in Cuba and Latin America, and the future of Cuba on the global tourism landscape. Her cultural viewpoints and analysis have led her to be seen as an expert on the topic of life in and travel to the island of Cuba and, on a personal note, a well-respected traveler and travel commentator.



  • Yes! It is LEGAL to travel to Cuba!
  • Why Cuba is the future of travel (the New York Times and TripAdvisor agree!)
  • Dispelling myths about travel to Cuba & how to travel to the island NOW
  • How to plan the perfect LEGAL Cuba itinerary & Support the Cuban people like a rockstar
  • And the crowd favorite: her own personal love story with her Cuban husband who she met on her first trip to Cuba

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